Our Mission:

Provide excellent medical care through comprehensive care management and care coordination of chronic medical problems.

Increase your access to care and coordinate your care within our office, outside hospitals and your specialists. We, your HealthCare team, will partner with you to live healthy continuously.

Our Role As Your Healthcare Team

  • A safe environment to discuss your confidential concerns
  • Respond to ALL your questions and concerns at each appointment.
  • Work with you in PARTNERSHIP, using shared decision making to help you manage your health.
  • Serve as an advocate coordinating care both inside and outside of the practice.

Your Role As A Patient

  • Be an active participant on your healthcare team.
  • Bring a list of concerns/questions and medications.
  • Call us before you go to the ER or hospital - we can probably get you into the office the same day.
  • Inform other healthcare professionals that we are your primary care provider and ask them to share information regarding your health with us.